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Everything listed in this rec list are gen fanfics. Masterlist. the umbrella academy umbrella academy umbrella academy fanfiction number five five five hargreeves number one luther luther hargreeves the man shot at him but Updated: 5/10/2018 **Note: There is no smut on this blog, so don’t worry about that. Fanfiction is written for free by people who genuinely love what they’re writing about. If you aren’t ready to tell him what you had just seen, Five will not push you for an answer. you go back to the body you had in 2004. Umbrella Academy Masterlist. WHAT’S THAT? YOU WANT TO REQUEST A FANFICTION? Never fear–Eliza is here!Characters I am taking requests for: MARVEL: Peter Parker Scott Lang Steve Rogers STAR WARS: Han Solo (specify if you want young Written by BarnCat23, on FanFiction. This is part 1. Things were decent enough for the Hargreeves after they had survived the apocalypse and relocated in a new time. shippersguide: “Chatting with Lemon Magazine @lemon-mag about the awesome fandom work they are curating, starting right here on Tumblr! ” We were interviewed by @shippersguide, ladies and gents! Hey guys! So I’m gonna start writing DBH fics. 5. Yo bitches, I just achieved AO3 inbox zero. Diego and Five. I finally did it lmao. The catch is…. yes I get Klaus is tailor-made to be fandom’s precious emo gay baby but where is my Five in the apocalypse angst? what about some resolution to Allison and Vanya’s heartbreaking relationship? how about literally any focus on Allison whatsoever? I the umbrella academy family bonding • After stopping the apocalypse, the UA reforms to prevent similar catastrophes • Everyone moves back into the childhood home • Cue tension for having lived Fanfiction is becoming people’s primary form of entertainment right now because most media right now is so cheap, bland, recycled, and sponsored by people who love money more than the source material. i never noticed that Five’s hair was still glossy, and his AN- finally ik sorry: also sorry no pictures im too lazy—————“w-what”? the rest of us stuttered to Five. That’s why it’s better. He falters slightly before regaining composure. ” You stutter, sniffling and Five nods his head, the frown still evident on his face and he begins to rub your arm soothingly. Everybody thinks Luthor is a dumbass. It took two weeks and it won’t last longer than ten minutes, but I DID IT!!!! It lasted two. Dany’s eyes should have turned purple to honour the original writing, and she should have sat on the throne. edit it, so Pogo can know but can't tell Dad?" Allison asked, Pogo looking at her in shock and horror as Five and Luther mulled it over before nodding. When i listen to this song it makes me think about him and Dave and how he lost Dave and the traumatic events he went through in Vietnam. ( @five-hg) Pairing: Five x Reader (Oneshot) A/N: Reader’s powers are barely explained in this. "If he has your loyalty, Pogo, I'm not sure we can tell you what's happening. Ben is loved by OMG JACK IS CRYINGGG OMG. Imagine my 25 year old mind in my 11 year old body lol. reader fanfiction riverdale preferences core four harry potter preferences golden trio CAOS preference the umbrella academy preference riverdale preferences midnight club harry potter preferences weasleys vikings preference The Daylight FAnfic today's schedule Nobody's Home avengers preference This Is Where It Gets Complicated, Chapter One A/N: I was planning to write a follow-up to His Guitar and Her Musician, just to round those two out a bit, but what came to me instead was this fic. Summary: Markus and (y/n) meet after the traumatic incident in the Manfred home. multiple-fandom-imagines the umbrella academy the umbrella academy five the umbrella academy imagine the comission hazel and cha cha the umbrella academy hazel the umbrella academy cha cha the umbrella academy the comission five five hargreeves imagine five hargreeves luther hargreeves luther hargreeves imagine diego hargreeves diego hargreeves Sugar Daddy Yifan . Ben practically ran towards you as you shot up from your seat. So, I’ve decided to start compiling my rec list now. Nobody has made any weird/sexual content with Number 5. Ending shot of the show should be a shadow of Drogon flying and a faint dragon’s cry over some land that we’ve never seen before. ” —janec42b85f582 wordsformurder:. what if a genie offered you a wish, and you wished to go back to 2004 so you could see Revenge era MCR live. 3. He nods. “the worlds about to end in eight days” Fives voice cracks a small bit. Mikey Garcia is taking the daring route as he attempts the stuff of legends vs. Errol Spence Yahoo Sports. Umbrella Academy. Requested from @aretly: I was wondering if you can make the reader have electric powers and enhanced healing (kind of like Deadpool lol) and they don’t know how to control them. Your daughter was perfectly fine until one day, she was playing in the garden and some vines shot up and started tickling her. — Snow drifted lazily to the ground. not to be controversial lol the umbrella academy umbrella academy umbrella academy netflix luther hargreeves allison hargreeves vanya hargreeves the white violin number five number 5 diego hargreeves klaus hargreeves ben hargreeves lo siento ben but you really don't have any ships since you're dead buddy my post emmy raver lampman robert You and Five both realize that this must mean he has powers. But that was then and this is now. Uh ohhhh lucifer is here. that’s so hard to answer but i have a list of my absolute must reads before you die: * Broken by inadaze22 ~ haunting and beautiful with incredible characterizations. com Eliza Taylor as Harper Alex O'Loughlin as Steve (Cover has since been changed) Here is a link~ WattPa Three songs i relate to Klaus and why Colors - Halsey. umbrella academy umbrella academy x reader umbrella tua imagines tua the umbrella academy umbrella academy 5 umbrella academy number 5 x reader number 5 number five x reader number five 00. There’s a podcast series by the name of “Ology” where the host interviews scientists about their field of expertise. Sam should have said A Song of Ice and Fire is not yet finished. “Okay,” Five tells you quietly, nodding his head. Everybody loves Diego and likes Allison. " This is, obviously, a series for a lot of my upcoming Umbrella Academy fanfictions between all the characters, most being just the canon characters, but it will also include my Male OC in a few single things that aren't entirely related to other Umbrella Academy fanfiction I'll write. Luther Hargreeves was eighteen years old and the last remaining member of the Umbrella Academy. my heart can’t handle this. You guys can request some, that whould be much appreciated! • Most will be x readers such as Connor x reader • Some can be a paring such as Has this been done yet?Kay and Cameron are sitting in bed. Binge watching “Umbrella Academy”, instantly going to Tumblr and seing that: 1. have i told you how much i love Reverse Batfam lizbethwritesalot: “Reblog and spread the word ️ Add me/ follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter @lizbethxnicole to join the group where we share these photos 😊😊 thanks. Written by BarnCat23, on FanFiction. You see how much Klaus loves him for the remainder of the season. "I give you the inaugural class of the Umbrella Academy. 2. WARNING: this fic contains slight spoilers (and one big one towards the end) for The Umbrella Academy, so read at your own risk! Other than that, enjoy this fic about Klaus and Ben ft. 6. Honestly, Five could go on and on about how amazing your artwork is: the academy is literally filled with a lot of your pieces and he never gets bored of looking at them. Five immediately snaps your sketch book shut when the door opens and you catch him red-handed, holding on to your sketch book. He's preparing for a life time dedicated to saving the world even if that means being alone. What an emotional rollercoaster rn. 4. When they taken the form of one of the Umbrella kids, she can use their powers until she changes back to how she normally looks. Like…. He wasn’t just a one episode and done. OMG JACK IS CRYINGGG OMG. Thanks for reading xx we only see each other at weddings and funerals (ben hargreeves x reader) requested by anon “I’m so happy you write for TUA! Can I have a one-shot with Ben (AU where he’s alive!) based on the title of anonymous asked:. One-shots and preferences for Netflix's (and Gerard Way's) The Umbrella Academy. ” —janec42b85f582 - Five would sneak out to Griddy’s Doughnuts with “my brothers and sisters”. Five goes willingly, with only a small oomph of surprise. “Oh, time seemed to fly-y…” wordsformurder:. Come join Lemon on Patreon. "Always reading huh. Rec List: The Umbrella Academy. Hope ya’ll enjoy! **** Whenever someone mentioned the words “sugar daddy”, what you expected was an old man who would pay you a fortune to act out his creepy fetishes and not a handsome, young CEO. Happy Together (Five Hargreeves x Reader) (The Umbrella Academy) Nobody realizes he's putting pressure on a bullet wound. We are accepting requests. Everybody has legally adopted Klaus. 18 Year old!Five Hargreeves X Reader . 05 fanfiction fanfic fluff imagine fluff oneshot five hargreeves x reader fluff imagine oneshot five hargreeves x reader request requests soulmate soulmate au alternate universe five x reader five hargreeves King Pessimist 🐥 Heya!🐥 just a trash what don't know what to do with his life 🐥 my english suck like a bitch 🐥 Say by now, I reblog/post a lot of shits from Nanbaka, Attack on Titan, Haikyuu, Free!, Binan Koukou Chikyuu (all the seasons) Total Drama (all the seasons)and Hetalia. He’s shuffling through a deck of cards. Markus - Made For You. "Please, Miss Allison, I'll keep it quiet. That is until the brother he hasn't seen in five years shows up in the courtyard. If angst or anything else needs to come with a warning, please let me know and I’ll edit that in. Garcia, the man who one day dreamed of becoming a police officer, has held major world titles in four weight classes and has set the stage for one of the most sorry to say this but the state of fanfiction for the umbrella academy is a goddamn travesty. The Umbrella Academy - One Shots Fanfiction. maybe. She’s called The Changeling, because she can shapeshift. There’s so much going on in 2019 and you don’t want to miss it! Join here [x] RWBY Band AU – Bumbleby fanfiction – one-shot. WHY DOES NO FANFICTION EVER INCLUDE PEOPLE WITH SHORT HAIR FOR Y/N? They always make the main characters have long/ medium hair. I actually like the possibilities I could use for that power. Nobody blames Vanya for ending the world. Diego takes a moment to admire Five spread out for him before covering his body, lining up their tua the umbrella academy the umbrella academy imagine the umbrella academy oneshot the umbrella academy fanfiction the umbrella academy x reader five you shot out Five x reader They were the only survivors in the apocalypse and eventually fell in love but five never said anything but she travels with him to 2019 and when he faints in Leonard ‘s house [you know what scene I’m talking about right?] she gets insanely worried and they end of confessing to each other [with the reader being careful around him and five wincing and grunting when he talks] Number Five from Umbrella Academy gave me a story idea. It’s all I’ve been reading this past week. Hargreeves! Mr. Five and Dolores must have a love song. " Five whispered smugly. " Five shot back. I sneer and kick him in the back of his shin. Who do I gotta kill to get a decent cup of coffee?" Klaus Hargreeves from the Umbrella Academy Five and coffee The umbrella academy five gif the umbrella academy gifs when it rains, it pours umbrellasource:“If you never time travelled, if you never got caught up with The Handler, what would’ve happened? fifth-umbrella: Fanfiction writers of The Umbrella Academy, recently I’ve stumbled across an excellent resource for Klaus and Five and their struggle with addiction/recovery. Soulmates | Five x Reader requested: yes!! some ppl wanted a soulmate au (dw if you requested one with a slightly different plot, I’ll be writing that later!!) In a world where the first sentence your This is going to be a umbrella academy fanfiction. “L-later. Just because your hair is short, doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian. Diego x reader . 2002 - 12 years old - Klaus breaks his jaw and has it wired shut for 8 weeks - The children get their tattoos - The Umbrella Academy is revealed to the public. This is their life together. Includes Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, and Vanya. you won’t find much better writing than this masterpiece. You both panic, and Five keeps a close eye on them. His red robe stands out against Diego’s white sheets, and Five looks like a shot straight out of a porno. / swearing-“Now it’s time to say goodbye–” The pre-recorded singing of Ruby burned in Blake’s ears, her eyes closed in concentration as her fingers ran up the fretboard. Hargreeves. " "Mr. Number Five from Umbrella Academy gave me a story idea. yes I get Klaus is tailor-made to be fandom’s precious emo gay baby but where is my Five in the apocalypse angst? what about some resolution to Allison and Vanya’s heartbreaking relationship? how about literally any focus on Allison whatsoever? I A faster way to search the web. Warnings: Mentions of NSFW, though… not really that visual. Kay: Cam, when you said you were “magic in bed,” I didn’t think this is what you meant… One Shots The Umbrella Academy (personaje x lectora) Haz tu pedido, lo haré con gusto :D Shots de los increíbles personaj… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Número 5 . "How about if I…. In 2004, I was eleven years old. One of the many many things about the Umbrella Academy that I love is that even though we didn’t see a lot of Dave, we continually see how important he is to Klaus for the rest of the season. He’s so angry oml How did no one notice he was loosing like a gallon of blood? See more Happy Together (Five Hargreeves x Reader) (The Umbrella Academy) A/N: OOOOHHH MY GOOODNESS HELLO EVERYONE!!! So before y’all read…lemme say that Five is not 13/14/15 in this imagine!!!! - Her and Five have a very platonic friendship/relationship. The sun hid behind the swatches of grey clouds hung high in the sky. The emotions in the room were tense, shocked, little bit of envy, mainly from Luther. " The crowd shouted I didn't exactly pay attention to the questions. Everyone was shocked. Sorry if you thought that was an x reader. You fell in love with Diego Hargreeves or was it all part of the commissioners plan? Does he love you back or does he shut you out like everyone else? What happens when a very big secret gets out? Who saves who? This will still be in timeline with the TV show and the apocalypse. <3** ~Nova A faster way to search the web. His head hits the pillow and his hair, gel coming unstuck, fans across the pillow. Part 1 Part 2 I’ve been hit hard by cupid’s arrow and fell in love with The Umbrella Academy. Hi guys! So I’ve been writing this first chapter since the Umbrella Academy first came out but I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to post! If you’ve watched The Umbrella Academy, this will be easier to understand. Nov 20th 2002 - 13 years old Five jumps forward in time. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Eight is the loneliest number//an umbrella academy fanfiction ”job”? i take a shot. net and WattPad. You took them to the old Umbrella Academy, and looked through journals and books, but you found nothing. Could you do a Ben Hargreeves request where the reader and Ben dated and were in love before he died and the readers always been there for Klaus so they're like best friends but the reader doesn't know that Ben is with Klaus after he dies since he wants her to be able to move on even though he's always gonna love her but obviously it comes out? Could u get a umbrella Academy imagine where the readers power was super speed and she pulled a Barry Allen and ran through time and ended up in the apocalypse world, later being recruited by the commission and during her time working she's given the task to terminate five? Requested: Yes! Five x reader They were the only survivors in the apocalypse and eventually fell in love but five never said anything but she travels with him to 2019 and when he faints in Leonard ‘s house [you know what scene I’m talking about right?] she gets insanely worried and they end of confessing to each other [with the reader being careful around him and five wincing and grunting Supersymmetry (Five Hargreeves x Reader) (The Umbrella Academy) A/N: OH HEEYYYYY!!!! I promised you guys an angsty, fluffy fic, SO HERE IT IS!!! This is based off of a request, as well as an Arcade Fire song, aka Supersymmetry. the umbrella academy fanfiction five shot

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